• Do you specialize in any particular areas?

    We place qualified professionals in both full-time and temporary/temporary-to-full-time and consulting positions across several primary practice areas:

    We also specialize in the area of Alternative Investments with top firms in the industry.

    How does Execu|Search differ from a job board?

    A job board is a site that brings together job seekers and employers in a passive way. An employer posts an ad and awaits the responses, sifting through perhaps hundreds of resumes and trying to identify potential candidates. Similarly, job seekers send or post their resumes, hoping theirs doesn't get lost among the many submissions.

    Execu|Search, on the other hand, provides a proactive approach to searching for the right job or candidate. Rather than allowing employers to post jobs on our site, employers contact us directly and request our help to find the right person for a role within their firm. Based on the information we gather, we may post an ad on their behalf with detailed information about the nature of the position and skills needed for the role. Our recruiters save the employer time and money by taking over the responsibility of screening resumes, interviewing prospective candidates, and verifying their skills and references.

    From a job seeker perspective, Execu|Search provides several advantages over a job board. First, every single resume submitted to our company is reviewed and evaluated to determine whether the individual’s skills would be a good match for any of our available positions. This gives job seekers the advantage of having their talents considered not just for the job which they are applying, but for the hundreds of jobs we are working to fill within our firm. In addition, should the applicant’s background be a potential match, our recruiters offer extensive support and advice. We may even market a highly qualified candidate’s resume to a group of client companies we work with, providing that individual with even more choices and opportunities. Our recruiters provide advice on the formatting of resumes, tips on how to handle interviews, suggestions about the salary negotiation process, and hands-on assistance transitioning out of a current position and into a new role.

Job Seeker FAQs

  • Is Execu|Search the right place for me?

    We place candidates across a broad range of practice areas in almost all industries. We also provide access to full-time positions, as well as temporary, temporary/temporary-to-full-time, consulting, and freelance/contract jobs to accommodate the employment needs of a spectrum of professionals. This breadth of service means we serve as the right place for a lot of job seekers.

    Generally, if you are an experienced professional working in any of the following areas, then we would love to hear from you:

    If you are a recent college graduate who is interested in getting your foot in the door with a great company and gaining exposure within your preferred industry, we may be able to help you as well. To get a better idea of the types of jobs we have available, you may want to search our open positions or submit your resume if your background falls within our areas of practice.

    Finally, we also have two specialty divisions that cater to experienced professionals with specialized backgrounds, including Alternative Investments and Retained Search. Our Retained Search Division caters to C-level and senior-executive level professionals with substantial experience in their respective industries.

  • Are your jobs real?

    Absolutely. Our jobs are 100% real. Everyday, we post new jobs and take down any jobs that have been filled, so all the jobs you see are both real and open. In addition to these jobs, we also have confidential opportunities that do not get posted on our website, so it is to your advantage to submit your resume to ensure that you are considered for all open jobs and not just the ones shown on our site.

  • Do you place entry-level professionals?

    Most of the full-time positions we are looking to fill require specialized skill and relevant work experience; however, on occasion, we do place entry-level candidates. Additionally, temporary work can be a great way for recent college graduates to get their feet in the door with a great company, build their skills, and gain tremendous exposure to their field of choice. To learn more, visit our Temporary Staffing page, or submit your resume to be considered for our current opportunities.

  • What kind of temporary jobs do you offer?

    We offer a variety of temporary assignments in order to meet the needs of our candidates. These include:

    • Short-term, finite-length assignments – from 1 day to several months in duration
    • Open-ended/long-term assignments – usually lasting for several months or more, and sometimes resulting in full-time employment
    • Temporary-to-full-time assignments – intended to serve as "working" interviews that eventually lead to full-time employment if there is a good fit between the employee and the firm's needs
    • Per diem assignments – work on short notice, as much or as little as you like
    • Freelance/Contract/Project Assignments – Work as an independent contractor for a specified period of time or for a given contract.

    For more details, please visit our Temporary Staffing page. To be considered for all of our current temporary opportunities, please submit your resume.

  • Does Execu|Search have “exclusive” jobs?

    Yes, we are a destination for exclusive searches, so we have many opportunities that you won't see on job boards, or at other recruiting firms or corporate websites.

    This means that the best way to ensure that you are considered for all of our opportunities, including these exclusive jobs, is to submit your resume. Once we have your resume, we evaluate your skills against all of our available positions and contact you if we think you might be a match.

  • Why should I submit my resume?

    • Increase your chances of finding a good match Once your resume is in our database, we can evaluate your skills against many jobs, not just one job you may have found on our website. This increases your chances of being matched up with an appropriate job opportunity.
    • Ensure you are considered for exclusive opportunities You receive the benefit of the relationship we have with our clients. We have jobs that are exclusive to us and/or may not be posted publicly on our website. By submitting your resume, you ensure that you are considered for these unique opportunities.
    • Save time and effort Our recruiters have extensive industry experience and personal knowledge of our clients' preferences regarding your professional background, skills, and personality. We can save you time and disappointment by preventing you from applying and interviewing with a company whose work environment and philosophies are not aligned with your own.
    • Receive personalized advice Our recruiters can provide you with feedback on your resume, interviewing skills, compensation negotiation, and other related issues to ensure that you not only present your best self during interviews, but that you also secure the best compensation package possible and manage your transition from your previous job in a professional manner.

  • What happens when I submit my resume?

    1. After you submit your resume online, we evaluate your skills against the all of the opportunities we have available in your field (including the job(s) you applied for if noted in your submission).
    2. If your background and skills are deemed a potential match for one or more jobs, a recruiter will call you to conduct a preliminary phone screen to assess your interest in the position(s), as well as the quality of the match between your skills and the required job qualifications.
    3. If you are interested in the position and your background and qualifications appear to be a good fit, you will come to our office for an in-person interview with your recruiter. During this interview, your recruiter will get to know you better by discussing your current career goals and conducting a more thorough skills assessment.
    4. After the interview and based upon our evaluation, we may set you up on an interview with the company. Your recruiter will walk you through the entire process from start to finish, providing you with advice on your resume, interview tips, offer negotiation advice, and advice on how to resign with your current employer.
  • How quickly will I be sent out on job interviews?

    The first step after we contact you is to come into our office for an initial meeting. During that interview, your recruiter will assess your background and skills and get to know you better. Based on that interview, your recruiter will begin setting up interviews as appropriate, usually within a short period of time. For senior-level executive or highly specialized jobs, the time frame may be a bit longer.

  • I've sent my resume several times but never heard back – why not?

    You are a recent career changer with little to no direct experience in your target field. While we know career changers often have valuable skills that may be transferable to other industries, unfortunately we do not generally offer many jobs that are a good match for professionals in that situation.

    There are errors in your resume that suggest poor attention to detail or other issues. A poorly prepared resume with spelling or grammatical errors, or otherwise poor organization can reflect negatively on you as a professional. It is vital to proofread (or better yet, have others proofread) your resume prior to submitting to ensure these mistakes are avoided.

Employer FAQs