You’ve updated your resume, applied to a number of jobs, and finally got a call for an interview. Congratulations! But once the feeling of accomplishment settles in, the inevitable question arises:

Now what?

For some job seekers, the answer is to frantically prepare the night before. Those feeling a bit more confident, however, might decide to wing it. Regardless of how nervous or self-assured you may feel, you still have a long way to go until you receive an offer. For this reason, preparation is key. If you want to impress an employer at every stage of the interview process, you should not only be relaxed enough to let your personality shine through, but also able to anticipate and respond to any curveballs.

This may feel like a lot of pressure, so we’ve got you covered! From quick phone interview tips to answers to tricky interview questions, this is your go-to guide for interview success.

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