Taking Control of Turnover: How to Build Loyalty with New Hires

Building loyalty and motivation with new hires

Have you ever heard the phrase “The first day of your new job is the day you start looking for your next one?”

In today’s job market, this happens more often than you may think. With a low unemployment rate, job seekers know that they can find a better deal if they feel like their employer is not keeping them satisfied. As a result, the culture of “job hopping” has become increasingly commonplace.

While employers may feel resigned to accept the condition of the job market, they must realize that perhaps an employee is waiting to stick with an employer who is loyal to them. Only with a sense of mutual respect and trust can you begin to reduce your employee turnover, and that effort should begin on day one—not when you’ve already lost them.

Get started with Taking Control Of Turnover, and learn what would make an employee more satisfied at work, as well as 16 tips to build more loyalty with every new hire on day one.