Our Travel Healthcare division is an industry leader in national and international travel recruitment. By connecting healthcare facilities across the country with talented allied clinicians and nursing professionals, we can help your organization meet the ever-evolving demand for care.

Process + Benefits

We have built an extensive database of candidates through our proactive outreach efforts, as well as our involvement with industry associations, participation at career fairs, and presentations at top universities. To connect you with the staff you need to fill a vacancy or manage a shortage, our travel healthcare team will first take the time to fully understand your needs. Then, our streamlined and transparent screening efforts ensure we identify and present only the highest caliber candidates.

To reduce your overhead costs and ensure all of our practitioners have the resources they need to easily transition into your organization, we handle all onboarding and supplemental support from start to finish:

  • Credentialing and compliance
  • Payroll services
  • Supervision & performance evaluations
  • Mentorship & professional guidance
  • Accredited continuing education courses
  • Industry and market resources

Specialty Areas

Travel Nursing

Whether you need help addressing a shortage, finding a fit for a hard to fill position, or staffing a crisis situation, our Travel Nursing team can connect you with the nurses you need to keep your operations running efficiently. Regardless of specialty, we can ensure each candidate has the experience and qualifications needed to hit the ground running.

Travel Allied Health

For contract assignments of varying lengths, our Travel Allied Health team will ensure you’re covered. Our network of Allied Health professionals includes: physical, occupational, and speech therapists, including assistants, as well as other allied health professionals (all modalities). Every one of these candidates is fully licensed/certified and prepared to step in at a moment’s notice.

International Healthcare

Extending opportunities to fully vetted foreign healthcare practitioners can help organizations meet the demand for care. Our International Healthcare team specializes in helping facilities address their staffing challenges by connecting them with the most qualified nursing and allied health professionals from countries across the world.

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