For some companies utilizing a contingent workforce, the process of payrolling hundreds of temporary employees can be an administrative burden. In order to help mitigate this challenge, The Execu|Search Group offers a unique cost-effective program for companies through our Payrolling Services. Also referred to as Third Party Employment, our Payrolling Services allow companies to focus on their talent strategy and financial goals while The Execu|Search Group functions as the employer of record for the company’s contingent staff (i.e., project-based consultants, freelancers, independent contractors, retirees, etc.).

Our payrolling services provide employers with:

  • Flexibility
  • Cost savings
  • Reduced tax risks (IRS re-classification)
  • Controlled unemployment insurance/worker's comp costs
  • Reduced record keeping

Your only responsibilities are to identify the employee and approve their hours. From there, our dedicated team of payroll professionals is equipped to handle all human resource matters related to payrolling. With our payroll service, you're backed by our firm's extensive experience and an exceptional check delivery record, along with:

Centralized Payroll Professionals

A dedicated team of payroll professionals is exclusively responsible for supporting our client representatives.

Consultative Service

Our payroll specialists work with our clients to analyze their goals and customize solutions based on their demands (i.e, onboarding, payroll frequency, provision of benefits and reporting, etc.) to best accomplish the desired results.

Extensive Financial Strength

Unlike many other services, The Execu|Search Group possesses strong financial resources capable of handling any size payroll while working within your standard turnaround time for payment of invoices.

Cost-Effective Pricing

Through our experience over the years, we have developed efficient systems and procedures, which result in reduced costs. We pass these reductions on to our clients through lower mark-ups.

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