The ever-changing workplace brings forth evolving projects, timelines, and needs for staff. Whether you have a seasonal hiring need that calls upon a specialized skillset, require reinforcement during an employee absence or organizational change, or want to evaluate fit before making a full-time commitment, our team of recruiters can ensure your contract hiring requirements are quickly met.

Understanding your company needs and culture: Our recruiters will sit down with your hiring decision makers to learn about your talent needs, company culture, budget, and long-term goals.

Utilizing our extensive network of candidates: Through building strong relationships with talented professionals, we have a comprehensive network of qualified candidates in various industries.

Tapping into our resources: We handle all aspects of the screening process for you. From evaluating resumes, to hosting preliminary interviews—our verification process holds our candidates to a high standard of excellence before they are presented to you.

Additionally, we have a robust in-house marketing team that curates educational content to help our clients remain at the forefront of hiring trends, while helping our candidates better navigate the interview process.

Checking references and backgrounds: We make sure everything checks out. From reference to background checks, we do our due diligence.

Ongoing staff management: Throughout the length of the engagement, we handle tasks such as onboarding and managing time off.

Additionally, upon completion of a set number of hours, all contract professionals placed through our firm are eligible to enroll in our benefits program, including: healthcare/dental/vision benefits, our 401k plan, and a flexible spending plan.

*To the extent applicable to recruitment and hiring of job candidates considered for positions located in New York City, Execu|Search complies with the requirements of the New York City Pay Equality law; NYC Administrative Code Section 8-107(25). Accordingly, in compliance with this law, for New York City job candidates, Execu|Search does not and cannot request salary and benefit history from job candidates.

Case Study

After acquiring a program from a defunct organization, a nonprofit was tasked with re-staffing it under government deadlines and budgets. With an entire program to staff and a client base needing uninterrupted services, they turned to Execu|Search. Challenges included: high-volume and time-sensitive needs, a diverse range of jobs, and a learning curve.


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