Whether you have a seasonal hiring need that calls upon a specialized skill-set, require reinforcement during an employee absence, or want to evaluate fit before making a longer-term hiring commitment, our Temporary Staffing division can quickly connect you with the talent you need to keep business moving forward.

To ensure that we meet the employment needs of all our clients, we offer flexible staffing solutions in many industries across all of our practice areas, including: short-term, long-term, consulting, temporary-to-full-time, per diem, and freelance/contract assignments.

Our temporary staffing specialists work very closely with both our clients and candidates to understand the requirements of the role and ensure every professional that we submit has the skills and personal attributes needed to be successful.

Here’s how our temporary staffing specialists match you with the right talent:

We take the time to understand your needs and culture: Our recruiters will speak with your hiring decision makers about your talent needs, company culture, budget, and long-term goals to ensure we find you the right candidates based on your individual needs as an organization.

Extensive network of candidates: As a result of our longevity as a firm, we have been able to establish a comprehensive database of industry-specific professionals, and we proactively build this pipeline of candidates so we can quickly respond to our clients’ most urgent needs. In many scenarios when our clients come to us with immediate placement needs, we can provide qualified candidates that are ready to start within a few short hours.

Our advanced digital properties: execu-search.com is a robust online resource that attracts thousands of candidate applications each month. Our mobile-optimized website is built to adapt to any device, which makes it easier than ever before for job seekers to apply on the go.

Screening process: We’ll evaluate all resumes, weed out unqualified candidates, conduct phone interviews, and invite top candidates into our office for in-person interviews. Our verification process guarantees our clients a thorough examination of a potential employee’s credentials in order to ensure they meet an organization’s standards of excellence. This way, you only meet with the professionals that we’ve personally screened and have deemed the best fit for the role.

Reference and background checks: We do our due diligence to ensure that all of the candidates we present you with have received positive references and have passed any necessary background checks.

Ongoing management: We handle candidate onboarding and the ongoing process of managing time off, absences, compensation, and other assignment-related details over the length of the engagement.

Additionally, upon completion of a set number of hours, all temporary professionals placed through our firm are eligible to enroll in our benefits program, including: healthcare/dental/vision benefits, our 401k plan, and a flexible spending plan.

For companies who need further assistance managing their contingent workforce, we also offer customizable workforce management solutions.

*To the extent applicable to recruitment and hiring of job candidates considered for positions located in New York City, Execu|Search complies with the requirements of the New York City Pay Equality law; NYC Administrative Code Section 8-107(25). Accordingly, in compliance with this law, for New York City job candidates, Execu|Search does not and cannot request salary and benefit history from job candidates.

Case Study

After acquiring a program from a defunct organization, a nonprofit was tasked with re-staffing it under government deadlines and budgets. With an entire program to staff and a client base needing uninterrupted services, they turned to Execu|Search. Challenges included: high-volume and time-sensitive needs, a diverse range of jobs, and a learning curve.


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