The structure of the American workplace has evolved over the last few years. With more businesses than ever utilizing a contingent workforce, it’s important to also adapt our staffing solutions to help these organizations optimize their operations. From high-volume temporary staffing projects to innovative workforce management solutions, The Execu|Search Group has established itself as a go-to partner for creating customizable solutions to address a variety of challenges that companies face when managing a contingent workforce.

Our customizable workforce management solutions include:

Managed Service Provider: For companies that want to gain insight into their staffing processes and require a team that can manage suppliers while aligning with critical financial goals, we offer a Managed Service Provider (MSP) program. Our MSP program manages the contingent workforce processes of your company via Vendor Management (VMS) technology to streamline operations, consolidate invoicing, reduce costs, and mitigate compliance risks.
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Preferred Vendor: The Execu|Search Group prides itself on the relationships we’ve built in partnering with MSP clients as their preferred vendor. Whether your MSP manages your temporary labor process on-site or off-site, with The Execu|Search Group as your preferred vendor, you get a partner with 30 years of success in providing top quality candidates across a variety of business lines.
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Payrolling Services: For some companies utilizing a contingent workforce, the process of payrolling hundreds of temporary employees can be an administrative burden. In order to help mitigate this challenge, The Execu|Search Group offers a unique cost-effective program for companies through our Payrolling Services. Also referred to as Third Party Employment, our Payrolling Services allow companies to focus on their talent strategy and financial goals while The Execu|Search Group functions as the employer of record for the company’s contingent staff.
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Statement of Work Solutions:For many hiring managers, finding the right partner to provide concrete project deliverables and align with business developments, while maintaining the flow of operations can be a taxing experience. Whether you need a high-level consultant for a one year project, or an independent contractor to extend their contract, The Execu|Search Group’s Statement of Work (SOW) management solutions can outline the best course of action to ensure business continuity.
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*To the extent applicable to recruitment and hiring of job candidates considered for positions located in New York City, Execu|Search complies with the requirements of the New York City Pay Equality law; NYC Administrative Code Section 8-107(25). Accordingly, in compliance with this law, for New York City job candidates, Execu|Search does not and cannot request salary and benefit history from job candidates.

Case study

A leading non-profit hospital turned to The Execu|Search Group to act as the organization’s managed service provider (MSP) for all of their temporary staffing needs. As their MSP, we worked to develop a strategy that was tailored to the client’s needs. Challenges included: large scale hiring across departments, time-sensitivity, and a lack of a centralized staffing system in place.


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