The Flexible Workforce

Is your company adapting their hiring strategy to make it in today’s job market?

After the Great Recession, the impact of its effects spread waves throughout the economy.  In order for businesses to stay afloat, they had to become more flexible—and so did job seekers.  Since then, the temporary workforce has grown exponentially, and employers are seeing the value in adding contingent employees into their organization.

From part-time to freelance opportunities, both employers and employees have a lot to gain from this kind of arrangement.  Through a temporary hiring strategy, employers have found that they can still achieve their goals while saving money and time on the hiring process.  Meanwhile, employees can have multiple income streams and gain experience faster.  Plus, both parties can try out a fit before agreeing to a longer-term commitment. 

In addition to the workforce challenges that can be addressed, there are a variety of ways to incorporate this growing workforce into your organizational structure, and staffing firms can assist you in meeting the needs of these employees.  Learn why you should consider including flexible staffing into your business with The Flexible Workforce: How Temporary Staffing is Becoming a Permanent Strategy, a guide to assist you in creating a more adaptable hiring strategy that can withstand any turbulence you may encounter.