When you’re hiring a new employee, it can be easy to miss some marks during an interview and focus simply on whether the candidate has the technical skills to do the job on day one.  While technical skills are important, it isn’t enough to find someone who can do the job without also assessing a cultural fit for your team; you can often train someone to do a job, but you can’t fix a poor attitude.  When you don’t examine the character—or soft skills—of a candidate, you may end up with an employee who can do the job, but is still a drain on the company.

While identifying these skills is important to your hiring choice, they aren’t always readily identifiable in an interview.  In order to determine these qualities, you’ll need to ask strategic questions rather than ones that only require a simple yes or no answer.  A careful analysis of the stories and experiences that are shared with you can reveal how the candidate may work and grow within your company.  Here’s how: