In today’s ever-evolving job market, counter offers are making a swift return. While there weren’t enough jobs in the marketplace a few short years ago, that isn’t the case today when the demand for quality candidates greatly outweighs supply and there’s a skills shortage affecting more industries than ever. As a result, employers have begun to understand the impact that losing a talented employee to another company can have on their bottom line, and are increasingly presenting resigning employees with counter offers to entice them to stay.

Since it wasn’t as common to receive a counter offer in the past, many job seekers are caught off guard when they receive one. To help educate our candidates on the different factors that they should take into consideration before making their final decision, we recently surveyed approximately 400 job seekers and working professionals that we have worked with in the past year. To give us a better understanding of what goes through one’s head when reflecting on counter offers, we asked questions about the factors that motivate them to search for a new job, what would make them consider a counter offer, as well as how their decision may have affected their career. The results? You can check 'em out below.