In today’s ever-evolving job market, there has been a shift in employer thinking when it comes to identifying talent. While in the past, your technical skills would land you the job, today, those skills are only part of the package. With employers putting more emphasis on cultural fit than ever before, your soft skills, or intangible qualities and personality traits that aren’t always apparent from your resume, will ultimately land you the job. Why? Hiring managers are looking for employees who not only possess the skills needed to do the job, but who can also work well with the team they will be joining.

Since the employees who are a good cultural fit are the most likely to grow with the organization and push business forward, hiring managers are often willing to overlook some lack of experience or technical skills, if they feel that a candidate is a good fit and will work hard to adapt to the role and acquire the necessary skills. As a result, be sure to reference the infographic below when preparing for your next interview: