6 Simple Job Search Mistakes That Can Cost You The Job

With so much involved in a job search, it can be tempting to cut corners.  When you’re confident in your ability to make a strong impression, you may make an easily avoidable error.

Even if you’re a seasoned pro, be sure that you avoid these common mistakes:

MISTAKE #1: Not proofreading your resume

A simple typo can raise some red flags about your attention to detail.  This can lead to many rejections, so make sure that you are utilizing spellcheck to catch any errors.

Plus, you can get a friend to read over your application to spot errors that you might have missed.

MISTAKE #2: Not tailoring your cover letter for the organization

It is a common myth that hiring managers do not read cover letters, and while it’s tempting to save time using a generic cover letter, this tactic is easily spotted by employers.

By simply checking out the company website and reviewing the job description, you can write a thoughtful and customized letter that can land you an interview.

MISTAKE #3: Not researching the company

Even when you’re familiar with the organization, missing information that was readily available to you is a critical mistake. From recent press coverage to a new product or service, you’ll most likely be eliminated from the running if you aren’t aware of new developments. 

A simple Google search will give you: up-to-date news, social media posts, and more information on the company website.

MISTAKE #4: Not preparing answers for basic interview questions

While you may feel prepared to articulate your work experience, you don’t want to draw a blank in the room. In the moment, you could end up feeling more nervous than you thought, or you might be caught off-guard by a question. 

Make sure to prepare yourself for basic questions like:  “Why do you want to work here?” and “What do you like to do outside of work?”

MISTAKE #5: Not preparing questions for the interviewer

If you don’t have any questions for your interviewer, it can make you look unprepared or disinterested. 

By using your research on the company and your own industry knowledge, you can prepare insightful questions that will help you stand out.

MISTAKE #6: Not following up

Even if you feel that you’ve given a positive performance, this critical mistake can cost you the job. 

Make sure you send a personalized note to all of the people you met with within 24 hours of the interview.  It will show your gratitude for the opportunity, and you’ll know that you’ve done everything in your power to make a great impression.

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