7 Ways To Make a Great First Impression At An Interview

When you enter an interview, your first moves will solidify your interviewer’s first impression of you, so use those moments wisely.

It only takes 7 seconds for a person to draw a conclusion about you, so it’s important to take advantage of that window of time.

48% of hiring managers know whether they would hire a candidate within the first five minutes of an interview, so follow these steps to make the best first impression…

1. Follow directions

Send timely and error-free responses when communicating with hiring managers. Plus, be sure to follow directions exactly as they’re given to you.

This Shows: Attention to detail

2. Be organized

Your resume is the first thing a prospective employer will see, so make sure that your information is displayed strategically.

If it’s relevant to your role, this includes providing a portfolio or any work samples. Be sure to have all of these documents ready for your interview.

This Shows: Organizational skills

3. Arrive on time

Always arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled interview—and never show up late! If you happen to be running late, call ASAP to let your interviewer know.

This Shows: Respect, Time management skills

4. Dress professionally

Nothing says “unprofessional” more than a disheveled appearance.  If you want to be perceived as competent and capable, take the time to convey that in your appearance.

This Shows: Professionalism

5. Educate yourself on the company

Thorough research will help you form a solid understanding of the company. This includes reviewing the company mission, social presence, news coverage, and recent accomplishments.

This Shows: Research skills, Motivation

6. Display positive body language and active listening skills.

Be aware of what your body language can say about you.  Make eye contact and nod occasionally to show that you’re actively engaged with the interviewer. 

This Shows: Communication skills

7. Exude confidence, not arrogance.

Confidence is a key asset employers are looking for. Find the right balance to prove that you are qualified—without sounding too arrogant.

This Shows: Leadership, Emotional Intelligence

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